Stop 72 on the Underground Railroad to New Life...

Our mission is to lower the infant mortality rate among teens, particularly African-Americans, and inspire them to dream for themselves and their babies.

The Atlanta Birthing Project is one of nearly 100 projects across the country under the umbrella of the parent organization, Birthing Project USA. The non-profit organization was founded in 1989 in Sacramento, CA. The Atlanta Birthing Project can best be described as a kitchen table project with no funding, no office, just dedicated volunteers who give of themselves to mentor pregnant teens and women. That means working with them the last four to six months of their pregnancies to make sure they eat right, take their prenatal vitamins and go the doctor. Once the baby is born we stay with them until the he/she reaches his/her first birthday, although many relationships last a lifetime.

Birthing Project USA was founded by Kathryn Hall-Trujillo, a former state health administrator, who was disturbed by the number of babies dying in her community. She gathered a group of her friends together to talk about what could be done. Those friends then recruited other community volunteers to help to mentor or become "sister-friends" of pregnant teens. Today, there are nearly 100 projects and thousands of volunteers across the country that do just that.